Clan Photo Gallery

The Photo Gallery from past years has been replaced by the Coppermine Photo Gallery program.  There is no cost of any kind for you to use Coppermine. 

When you click on the new Photo Gallery link on the Home Page you will be taken to the Home Page of the Coppermine program.  There is no need to login, unless you have been previously approved as an administrator.  At the present I will take care of all of the Admin duties.

You will find a number of features of Coppermine that should make your use of it enjoyable.  To start, just click on any album showing a thumbnail picture.  As of this writing we have a few empty albums.  Hopefully you will send pictures from your clan to fill the albums.  At the main menu you will see several features as described below:
Sorting: You can sort the pictures in a given album by Title, File Name, Date, and Position.  I have tried to set up the pictures so that sorting by Title should put them in approximate chronological order.  Play around with the sorting function.  You can't hurt anything, so you can explore what works best for you.
Search:  This function enables you to find a "hit list" of pictures that have something in common (e.g. a name, such Adam Brown). You type the criteria you want in the box and click on Search.  The photos that contain the criteria in either Title, Caption, File Name, or Keywords (if used, not presently being used) will be found and displayed.  All albums are searched.
Viewing the Photos: When you have selected a photo to view you will see its Title and whatever caption has been added.  Clicking on the photo will display an enlarged version of the photo.  You can copy any photo, or send it as an email, if you wish.  If you want to view the photos as a slide show click on the icon in the upper left corner of the photo frame.

If you have any problems using Coppermine, or have questions, contact Jack.

Reunion 2008 Pix  These pictures are now in a Coppermine album.

Reunion 2007 Pix  These pictures are now in a Coppermine album.