Photos from Across the Family Branches

2019 Family Reunion July 13, 2019 VBSP225 viewsFront Row: Rebecca Smith Tousant; Abigail Parmelee Wendell, Florie Parmelee; Sue Higham Foley; Laurel Higham; Cole Entwistle;
Seated, Row 2: Steve Smith; Mary Smith Taglieri; Richard Taglieri; Eli Glazer; Audriann Glazer; Jan Mack Higham; Joan Higham Entwistle; Jim Entwistle;
Standing, Row 3: Jack Higham; Andrew Smith; Dave Wendell; Miriam Smith Parmelee; Jim Parmelee; Mark Glazer; Mary Higham Glazer; Joe Higham; Justin Entwistle;
Attending, but missing from the Photo: Andrew Foley; Arik Foley; Ted Foley
2019 Family Reunion July 13, 2019 VBSP208 viewsBack left: Joe Higham; Laurel Higham; Florie Parmelee; Mark Glazer; Miriam Smith Parmelee; Sue Higham Foley;
Front right, clockwise: Mary Smith Taglieri; Steve Smith, Rebecca Smith Tousant; Eli Glazer; Andrew Smith; Richard Taglieri
2019 Family Reunion July 13, 2019 VBSP216 viewsClockwise: Jim Parmelee; David Wendell; Abigail Parmelee Wendell; Sue Higham Foley; Jan Mack Higham
2019 Family Reunion July 13, 2019 VBSP212 viewsTa Ta Everyone!
Mary Taglieri "taxied" to the car courtesy of VBSP staff
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