Photos from Across the Family Branches

2022 Family Reunion July 9, 2022 VBSP140 views2022 Family Group Photo, seated by family groups
Left to Right: Jim Higham family, in back Peg Bills Higham ; Lauren Vito Higham and Dan Higham family;
Sue Higham Foley family; Ted Foley (in front); Andy Foley; Emily Rhone (guest); Arik Foley; Penny Zacharias (guest);
Joe Higham family: Laurel Higham (in front);
Mary Higham Glazer family; Audriann Glazer (in front);
Jack and Jan Higham;
Luisa Deanda Lukaszewski family; (in front) Mary; Monica; Clare; (in back) Johnathan; Joseph; and Rita Lukaszewski; Mary Smith Taglieri family; in back Richard Taglieri;
Miriam Smith Parmelee family; (in front), Florie Parmelee holding Asher Wendell; Jim Parmelee; David Wendell;
Rebecca Smith Tousant family; in front Bella and Blake Tousant;
Ed Rood and Lynette Wolcott Rood;
Jane Higham family holding Nadia Awad; Andrew Awad family; Aley Awad holding Elizabeth Jane Awad; Vince Palleschi (guest);
Joan Higham Entwistle family, Cole Entwistle (in front); Justin Entwistle; Skye Casiano (guest); Jim Entwistle;
Ann Higham Hughes family; Ben Hughes
Also attending and not pictured: Katie Higham Phoenix family; Adam Phoenix, James Phoenix and Jonathan Phoenix; David Higham; Katie Pittenger (guest); Kay Bills Weiss (guest); Jim and Donna Leto (guests)
2022 Family Reunion July 9, 2022 VBSP72 viewsHigham Sibs Chillin'
Ann Higham Hughes; Jim Higham; Joe Higham
2022 Family Reunion July 9, 2022 VBSP58 viewsThe Foleys
Andy Foley; Emily Rhone; Ted Foley; Sue Higham Foley; Arik Foley; Penny Zacharias
2022 Family Reunion July 9, 2022 VBSP70 viewsThe Bills Sisters at Oneida Lake
Peg Bills Higham; Kay Bills Weiss
2022 Family Reunion July 9, 2022 VBSP67 viewsThe Smith Family
Back row: Richard Taglieri; Jim Parmelee; David Wendell
Seated: Mary Smith Taglieri; Miriam Smith Parmelee; Rebecca Smith Tousant
Front row: Florie Parmelee, holding Asher Wendell; Bella Tousant; Blake Tousant
2022 Family Reunion July 9, 2022 VBSP75 viewsFamily Groups:
Mary Smith Taglieri; Richard Taglieri
Miriam Smith Parmelee; (in back) Jim Parmelee; David Wendell; in front Florie Parmelee holding Asher Wendell
Rebecca Smith Tousant; on ground, Bella Tousant; Blake Tousant
Ed Rood; Lynette Wolcott Rood; Jane Higham, holding Nadia Awad; in back, Andrew Awad; Aley VanderPoel Awad with Elizabeth Jane Awad; Vince Palleschi, guest
2022 Family Reunion July 9, 2022 VBSP70 viewsSeated by Family Group Heads:
Dan Higham and Lauren Vito Higham
Jim Higham and Margaret Bills Higham
Sue Higham Foley (seated); Ted Foley (sitting on ground); Andy Foley; Emily Rhone, guest; Arik Foley; Penny Zacharias, guest
(Joe Higham, see other picture)
2022 Family Reunion July 9, 2022 VBSP69 viewsMiriam and Florie Parmelee lead in singing the Doxology to start the picnic
2022 Family Reunion July 9, 2022 VBSP70 viewsThe Phoenix Family
James Bryan Phoenix; Jonathan Normand Phoenix; Katie Higham Phoenix; Adam Phoenix
2022 Family Reunion July 9, 2022 VBSP66 viewsForeground: Vince Palleschi, guest; Nadia Awad; Aley VanDerPoel Awad; Justin Entwistle; partiall hidden Skye Casiano, guest
2022 Family Reunion July 9, 2022 VBSP68 viewsOneida Lake at Verona Beach.
A Glorious Day!
2022 Family Reunion July 9, 2022 VBSP66 viewsOneida Lake at Verona Beach
Looking toward the swimming area from South Pavilion
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