Photos from Across the Family Branches

Higham / Smith Family260 viewsChildren of Ray and Mary Seubert Higham
Nellie Elvira Higham Smith; Emma Jane Higham Smith; Mary Alice Higham Bray; Wilfred Joseph Higham
Photo taken in the 70s
Higham Family300 viewsHigham Dining Room Sideboard.
Origin uncertain. May have been at 418 Floyd Ave., Rome, NY.
Was in possession of W. Ray and Mary Higham, then Wilfred and Mildred Higham, now at the Jack and Jan Higham residence, Vestal, NY. It accompanies the Higham Oak Dining Table.
Higham / Rung255 views"Junior" partners in Higham & Rung, Jack Higham and George Walter Rung, sons of Higham & Rung "Senior"
At the Gas Station preparing for a Camden parade, 1940
Note: This photo was taken before the addition was made to the building.
Higham Family217 viewsJack and Betty Higham
"Toolin' down Railroad Street"
Trailer by Wilfred
Taken in early 40s
Higham Family220 viewsSusanna Cheetham Higham and Joseph Higham
Emigrated from Cheadle, Cheshire, England in 1850
Smith Family216 viewsMiriam Ruth Smith
Career Nurse at Strong Memorial, Rochester
Camden HS, Class of 1944
Smith / Higham Family220 viewsRalph Woods Smith & Emma Jane Higham Smith
25th Wedding Anniversary, Married Oct 7, 1938, Westdale, NY
Ralph, Camden HS, `33; Jane, Camden HS, `32; Albany State, `36
Higham / Seubert209 viewsRay and Mary Seubert Higham
Taken in Westdale outside their apartment over the Rowell Store
Photo from the early 40s
Higham / Rung220 viewsThe Richfield Gas Station, Camden, NY
Run by Wilfred and George until 1949, then operated by George Rung.
Photo mid 50s
You can see the seam in the roof between the original station with two bays and the addition that added a 3rd bay.
The Henry Teelin Ford Dealership is to the left along the Fish River creekside on the site of a former knitting mill.
Smith Family205 views4 Generations of Smiths
Seated: Samuel Lewis Smith, 1822-1917;
Standing from left: Lucius Selden Smith, 1850-1936: Leland Louis Smith, 1886-1956, holding Merritt Curtiss Smith, 1913-1972
Photo probably taken in late summer 1913.
Higham Family218 viewsSara Jane Higham, daughter of Joseph and Susanna Higham, was inducted into the Rome Academy of Sciences Hall of Fame on June 2, 2011, 62 years after her death. (She also signed herself Jane S. Higham.)

She is the first woman to be inducted.

The citation shown in this album entry contains some errors. Jane was born November 18, 1855 (not 1876). She entered S.U. in 1871. S.U. was founded in 1870. She graduated from S.U. in 1876 with a B.A. As noted she was one of the 10 founding members of Alpha Phi "Fraternity" at S.U., called that since there were no sororities prior to this. This was the first at any university. See her citation at http://www.alphaphi.org/aboutus/history/founders.
Seubert / Costello / Higham/ Smith Family226 viewsFamily Reunion at Costello Home, Camden, Sunday, August 15, 1948 as per diary of Mary Seubert Higham. She reports 39 attending. 34 in the photo, plus the photographer.
(Missing: Don Seubert, George Costello and three more. Possibles: Patricia Anna Seubert; Richard Karl Seubert; David Christopher Burch)
Front: Bill Smith; Jack Higham; Mary Elizabeth Burch; Raymond Donald Burch; Steve Smith; Dave Smith; Roberta Smith; Ruthanne Smith; Betty Higham;
Seated: Virginia Seubert Burch; Mary Seubert Higham; Julia Seubert Costello, holding Diane Costello; Cora Clark Costello, (Gerald's mother); Florence Ward Seubert, (Virginia's mother); Unkn woman; Alice Higham; Magdalena Fauser Seubert; Anna Shephard Costello, holding Michael David Costello?;
Standing: Merritt Smith; Mary Lou Costello Maynard; Bill Maynard; Nellie Higham Smith; Don Burch; Ray Higham; Gerald Costello; Paul Seubert; Mildred Walker Higham; Mary Arma Smith held by Ralph Smith; Marie Scoville Seubert; Jane Higham Smith; Barbara Costello
Photo taken by Wilfred Higham, using early Kodachrome cut film
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