Photos from Across the Family Branches

Higham Family270 viewsThe Simon Aisch Clock
The clock dates to the early 1700s (c 1690 - 1710)
It began life as a one-hand clock.
Chapter ring hours are divided into fourths. Was upgraded to a 30 hour clock with chimes and music in 1800s.
Acquired by Charles Cheetham Higham in the late 1800s (c1890)
Was passed to Joel Williams Higham, then to his daughter, Ruth Norton Higham Bishop, than following her death to Jack Higham.
Extensive restoration has been done by master clockmaker, John Frieman, Owego, NY. Clock runs superbly, losing about 1/8 sec. per hour. It is now at the Jack and Jan Higham Residence, Vestal, NY.
Higham Family257 viewsElizabeth Ann Higham (Sauerzopf), 1940
with Raggedy Ann?
Higham Family256 viewsWilliam Smith Brown
son of John Watson Brown & Jane Stevens Higham
High School Graduation Photo, Rome Free Academy, 1942
Higham / Norton / Stevens Family265 viewsFounding of the Cheese Making Industry in Byron, NY
A piece written by Gertrude Norton Higham, wife of Joel Higham about the founding of cheese making and the involvement of Elvira Stevens and William Smith Higham
Curtiss Family278 viewsThe Curtiss Family, circa 1900. Pictures on Back Wall: Linus Curtiss; Nancy Bethenia Upson Curtiss
Pictured are Descendants of Linus and Nancy; and Riley and Polly Woods Scoville
Back Row, L to R: George William Seubert; Arthur Gamble; Angeline Curtiss Seubert (holding Paul Curtiss Seubert); Angus Sperry Gamble; Adeline Curtiss Gamble; Ella Comstock Curtiss; Lyman W. Curtiss; Ida Green Curtiss; Hiram Curtiss; Heman DeWitt Curtiss; Riley Ashbel Scoville;
Third Row: Linus Andrew Seubert; Mary Elizabeth Seubert; Flora B. Curtiss; Ralph Wood Curtiss; Lizzie Woods Curtiss; Second Row: Willard George Seubert; Elizabeth Woods Curtiss; William Wallace Curtiss; Nancy Charlotte Curtiss; Maria Upson Scoville; Samuel T. Woods Scoville;
Bottom Row: Harry Carl Seubert; Christine Marguerite Curtiss; Leila Curtiss; Ward Leslie Curtiss; Julia Berthenia Seubert; Louese Berthena Curtiss; Maude Evelyn Curtiss; Clare Gamble
Stevens / Higham Family253 viewsElvira Stevens Higham,
wife of William Smith Higham
Seubert / Costello Family244 viewsJulia Berthena Seubert Costello & Gerald Clark Costello
Curtiss Family253 viewsHeman Curtiss Family
Front: Heman Dewitt Curtiss; Ralph Wood Curtiss; Lizzie Mary Woods Curtiss;
Back: Louese Berthena Curtiss (Smith)
Higham / Rung 246 viewsPartners in the Gas Station Business in Camden, NY for several years in the late 30s and 40s
Wilfred Higham; George Rung
George married to Dorothy Higham Rung, daughter of Joseph Elbert (Bert) Higham and Maybelle Thomas Higham, and cousin to Wilfred
Higham Family262 viewsSeated: Joseph Higham; James Higham; John Higham
Standing: Jack Higham; Sue Higham Foley; Ann Higham Hughes; Mary Higham Glazer; Jane Higham; Joan Higham Entwistle; Jan Mack Higham
Photo taken at wedding reception for Katie Higham and Adam Phoenix, August 6, 2011 in Endicott, NY.
Higham Family287 viewsJoseph and Susanna Cheetham Higham Family Photo, circa 1900
with house at 418 Floyd Avenue, Rome, NY, in the background.

Front Row (left to right): Ellsworth Elmer Mack; Joel Williams Higham (son of Thomas):

Second Row: Elmer Ellsworth Mack; Sarah Jane Higham; Thomas Cheetham Higham; Susanna Cheetham Higham; Jane Stevens Higham (Brown)(5); Joseph Higham; Joseph Elbert Higham(3);

Third Row: Elizabeth Higham Mack; William Higham (son of Charles); Ellen (Aunt Nell) VanKleek Higham (wife of Charles); Charles Cheetham Higham; Elizabeth Elliot Higham (wife of Thomas); Elvira Stevens Higham (wife of William); Jane Elliot Higham (Frandsen)(daughter of Thomas)(white blouse);

Back Row: Charles William Higham(1); John Cheadle Higham; Wilfred Ray Higham(2); William Smith Higham; Elizabeth Alice Higham(4)

[N.B.: (1) through (5) are children of William and Elvira Stevens Higham (according to age)]
Higham Family258 viewsThe Old Higham Lamp.
Originally an oil lamp, has been electrified.
Origin is uncertain. It was in the house at 418 Floyd Ave., Rome, and appears in a photo of Joseph and Susanna sitting in a room at 418 Floyd.
Was in the possession of Dorothy Higham Rung, and passed on to Jack and Jan Higham. It is now at their residence.
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